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"Shattered Glass" Lyrics

Growing up poor and wanting to win

Having no map, born a has been

Being hungry changes you

It re-frames what you think and do

I am so willing to work,

Why would you treat me like dirt?

On a rocket, hitting the ceiling

A price to be paid, but not while I’m kneeling

I want to hear shattered glass

I’ll break the rules of the ruling class

Mirror is fracturing

The time is nigh

I am no longer your ego supply

No thanks for my sweat, I must choose to choose

I’m years beyond, paying my dues

I am a rock, worn down by the water

But waiting here won't get me an offer

Won’t worship a talking head

There’s another way,  but not straight ahead

Moving hard, but screw it

Have your own back, no one else will do it



Work, fail, get up, succeed

Decide between want and need

Work, fail, get up, work

With the hunt comes the hurt

Work, fail, get up, succeed

Watch and test what you believe

When you’ve made the call

Let nothing hold you back

The old guard circles and swarms

Power talks, pick up my arms

I’ll get high on my own creation

I’ll pay the price for my innovation

It’s 450 degrees

One more spark then it’s New Year’s Eve

Build my universe, fly my own way

On my own ship, now get out of my way


"Unwinding" Lyrics

A lesson not learned will be reapeated,

and repeated, and repeated

And I don't want to be there

Don't want to be there

I don't want to be there

When it blows

I'm in pieces

I've sounded the warning bells my friend

But in the end it's not my choice

The trauma erupts, and you lose control

But you're not listening, it gets so old

The veil will be lifted

I can't protect you

You're on your own, in your déjà vu

We're shattered, and the changes will keep coming

And they're coming, feel them coming

The gold isn't out there

The game isn't played fair

And you won't even see pain

Until it shows


Your inventions

Are nothing but warning signs my friend

I hear your words, but not your voice

The trauma erupts, and you love control

But you're not listening, it gets so old

The veil will be lifted

I can't protect you

You're on your own, in your déjà vu

I am awake now and I am chaning

I am awake now and I am shifting

It's all right to feel the fear

It's part of existence; part of the deal

Everyone is incomplete

But you can't see when you're asleep

I'm flying and falling at the same time

We are unwinding, unwinding...

I am awake now

Let it go

I am changing, I am shifting

The trauma erupts


"I Will Find a Way" Lyrics

Lost at sea, in a dream state undertow

Where is the polestar, the devil I know?

Too many choices, signals, and lies

The more I struggle, I'm paralyzed

Troubled and tense; must I navigate in the dark?

Lost and spinning, it goes on and on

Trying to see the daylight

But there's only fog

Nothing's familiar

No dawn liaison

Take me up, take me all the way

Let me see through the labyrinth

I will fight to keep my eyes open

I will find a way


My body's saying what my mind won't hear

I'm stumbling in the dark, my head's not clear

I feel my blind spot, it's right over there

I'm trapped in a feeling it feels unfair

My mind says go, my body says don't

Each leads to the unknown...

Unseen forces

Spirals turning round

Wind of silent voices

Learn to trust the sound

Something's familiar

Daybreak liaison


"Open" Lyrics

There will be music and wine
Touch and emotion
A magical date line
A desired devotion
Eyes and sound, space and vibration
Colored light, buoyancy, stimulate connection and trust in reciprocity

Yes, I am open

Creating our own luck
We can feel it coming near
Drink in the stardust
The present is right here
Intense focus, sharing and alchemy
Willing the mysterious
Confluence of love and lust, fate and the meant to be 



I get close, and I recede
A distance in the atmosphere
It’s in you, too, the pull to retreat
It’s forward into growth or backward into fear
I am terrified because I’m vulnerable
But I won’t curl up weak in my imaginary sanctuary

Into our cosmos
So vast and near
Beyond the old ghosts
A high to being clear
Let us move, change, float, and be still
Conjuring the energy
Want to be a solid, and liquid, and a vapor trail


"Out of My Mind [Into My Body]" Lyrics

Out of my mind, into my body
I want to be your sensation jockey
Perceive and sense through a different portal
A whole new way of being mortal
I want you, to go there with me
And open up to physicality
I want to float above cities, unsure of reality
Turn off my brain, enter a new modality

Out of my mind, into my body

Vibrating strings and voices fill me 
With wonder and love it’s otherworldly
Colors give me a whole new friction
A new passion, a new addiction
Stop, feeling, this way and that
Shift perception like Ella sings scat
I’m time traveling, form dismantling
Feeling all I’m embodying




Out of my mind, into my body

Slower, slower drink it in  

In a space you’ve never been

Slower, slower, savor and feel 

Open yourself to things surreal

Slower, deeper touch and sense

Let it be that intense


The land between asleep and awake. 
The border town, don’t want to wake
Like rolling senses and drinking air
It’s like I’m floating in midair

Visuals change the longer I look
The more I stare, the more I’m hooked
I want to taste you by sight, and share in your light
I want to feel my skin, and breathe you in
See you by feel, feel you by ear
I don’t even care if what I’m feeling is real
I want to taste your anatomy, smell your capacity 
Experience your taste, an alternate reality

I Hide In Your Light_thumbnail_final.jpg

"I Hid in Your Light"  Lyrics

How could I ever let this happen
How tired of me
Perfectionism stifled my unfolding
Took away from my identity

And I am searching
To stop self sabotage
Denial is a potent drug
It saves me from seeing the ugliness
But in the end, it eats me and those around me alive

I hid in your light
Believed in your lies
Closed my own eyes
Hidden in plain sight
Embraced delusions keep on coming
Outrun the lies
When we believe in our own phantoms
Something within us dies

And I am searching

To stop self sabotage

Denial is a potent drug

It saves me from seeing the ugliness

But in the end, it eats me and those around me alive


I hid in your light
Believed in your lies
Closed my own eyes
Hidden in plain sight

I’m not afraid of your darkness—don’t be afraid of my artist  

Through the cracks
The light emerges
And I begin to see
I knew deep inside if I was successful
That you would leave

And I was searching
To stop self sabotage
Acceptance is a potent drug
It saved me by facing what I’d repressed
And in the end I am stronger without you; I am alive


"What Killed the Cat" Lyrics

Nine lives and none of them matter

Hated like the bat        

See patterns of the splatter

You know what killed the cat

False pen of protection

Pacing like a rat

Mirrors turned, there’s no reflection 

You know what killed the cat

Perpetual pain to feel and see

Push and twist the knife

Drink the boredom of the bourgeoisie  

I can smell your bruises and taste your life



Fear draws to the forbidden

Twice shy for I’ve been bitten

Sleep early, wait for my call

Drown, but that is that                     

Go on forever, I’ll turn you on

You know what killed the cat    

Portal to my mortal prayer

And that is where I’m at

Love slays but I don’t care

You know what killed the cat

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