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Holly Freeling

Songwriter, Lyricist, Flutist & Recording Artist

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Holly Freeling horizontal promo pic, black & white.

I Will Find a Way


Inspired by human connection, perseverance, and diversity, Holly Freeling writes music and lyrics in her studio in Los Angeles, California, to instill a deeper understanding of life, social systems and the universe around us.

Freeling’s personal hardships as well as her experience as a psychotherapist influence her art; exploring the exchange between the pseudo self we present to the world, and the authentic self that hungers for expression and acceptance. Her songs combine electro-alternative, artpop and avant-garde sensibilities and stories of perseverance to produce multilayered records that leave listeners inspired.

“It’s hard to be a human,” says Freeling.  “Music is a catalyst that can help us make sense of the emotional landscape that comes with being a sentient creature. Welcoming the wholeness of a person—in their raw, vulnerable and genuine states—can lead to greater understanding and empathy for others."

Her latest work has been a meaningful collaboration between renowned producer William Belote, mixed by George Landress and mastered by Mandy Parnell and Pete Maher. 


Shattered Glass


Out of my Mind


Email Holly Freeling for general  information, press inquiries, booking requests, licensing and more.

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